Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Great Deal Down the Crapper

Not a night goes by where I'm not on Craigslist looking for that next great game deal. Sure, I could hop onto eBay and find just about any game I could ever want, but there's no sense of accomplishment in that, not to mention I'd be broke.

A few weeks ago, I came across one such excellent deal: an old school brick Gameboy, a lime green Gameboy Color, and five games for $20. The only thing I really wanted out of the lot was the brick; the rest of it I could easily sell for what I had into it. Free Gameboy? Yes, please!

The seller and I exchanged a few text messages and everything was set. We'd meet the next day after work and I'd get my Gameboy. Too easy.

The next day, I got into my car after work, checked my messages, and that's when this solid gold deal turned a squishy brown:

Disturbing. Hilarious. And certainly nothing to be pissed about. Get it?

...makes me wonder how much of my game stuff has actually made it into the toilet.

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