Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You seen this?: VGHS

Ring the bell--school is in, sucka.

YouTube sensation Freddie Wong has leveraged his talent as a VFX guy, film editor, and professional Guitar Hero into creating the Kickstarter-funded web series, Video Game High School.

It's pretty much Harry Potter seasoned heavily with the ass-clenching horror of Xbox Live chat, and it totally works for me. The writing is generic, but the concept, execution, and special effects should be more than enough to capture the interest of anyone reading this.

The series tells the story of Harry Brian D.--your average teenage gamer and assault rifle-wielding Canadian--after he's recruited into VGHS following an accidental victory over the school's number-one FPS jock, "The Law." (Like I said, it's no Grapes of Wrath, but it's definitely entertaining.)

Check out the first episode here, and the rest of the ongoing series at Freddie's website, RocketJump.com

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