Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What the Wednesday: It's-a Lunch Time!

It's day two of Mr. Nintendo's "who are you?" week! (I swear I'm going to get "Mr. Nintendo" to stick.) And as such, today's What the Wednesday treasure is something very near and dear to me. I present to you my Super Mario Brothers lunch box:

My friends, it really doesn't get any more legit than this.

My faithful peanut butter and jelly sandwich-toting companion through first and second grade, this 23-year-old relic from my childhood managed to escape every garage sale and Goodwill donation pile. Thank goodness.

When I took it down from the window sill where it's proudly displayed, I was reminded of the time that Aaron Husted tried to convince me that he'd found a secret "ninja suit" in Super Mario 3, and he refused to tell me how to get it. What a bastard!

What piece of gaming gear has been in your collection the longest? Share in the comments below!

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