Sunday, October 23, 2011

8-Bit Bottle Blonde

My NES has been getting a lot of much needed attention lately. I swapped out the old girl's 72-pin connector, cleaned up dozens of cartridges with chrome polish, and now I'm finishing up the extensive rehabilitation program with an easy exterior makeover. Somebody get Tyra on the phone.

Taking advantage of this weekend's unexpectedly sunny weather, I once again donned the peroxide cream and plastic wrap, just like in the great SNES experiment, to reverse the disgusting yellow tinge set on by 25 years of sun exposure.

I was very interested to see how the peroxide treatment would work on a less tragic case of yellowing. Unlike the SNES, which suffered from one of the worst cases of yellowing I'd ever seen, its older sister wasn't in nearly as bad shape, showing just a light yellow tint on the upper case.

After just a few hours in the sun, the results speak for themselves:

Notice the slightly yellow tint on the "before" side? It's completely
gone after a slathering of peroxide cream and a little sun bathing.

However, the peroxide cream appears to have ever so slightly discolored the red lettering on the front of the system:

Unlike on the SNES, it looks like the lettering has reacted adversely
to the peroxide treatment. Not enough to get upset about.

The issue with the lettering doesn't bother me nearly as much as the yellowing did, so I'm happy. However, in the future, I'll consider taping over any that I don't want changing color...then I won't, because I'm lazy.

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