Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What the Wednesday: Fly Paper

As if owning the sequel to an obscure Saturn platformer wasn't odd enough, it turns out that my manual for Bug Too! came with an extra page:

Yup. That's original 15-year-old receipt, and a quick glance reveals that this kid was having the best. day. ever.

Forget the fact that he's getting a brand new, cutting-edge Sega Saturn game (one that really isn't half bad), he also has an 11" penguin and a candy popper in his shopping cart. I don't even know what a candy popper is, but you better believe that I want one. And an 11" penguin? Seriously? Who the hell is this kid, anyway?

I'd go so far as to proclaim Bug Too! to be the third most desirable item purchased on this shopping trip.

More questions:
  • There are two dates on this receipt: 12/28/96 and 1/18/97 with the note "even ex." Did this person buy a different game with Christmas money and then exchange three weeks later? Remember when you could take back games?
  • 8.5% sales tax in Carle Place, NY? Yikes.
  • Remember when they put your entire credit car number on receipts?

1 comment:

  1. A candy popper is a mechanism for the delivery of daily doses of dextrose and magnesium stearate, like, say: Better known as a Pez dispenser. (Given which -- $4 15 years ago? Some parent was mightily desperate to pacify little Timmy that bright December morn...)