Friday, February 17, 2012

Now where am I going to put the cat tree?

The difference between collecting and hoarding? Shelf space.

For the last couple of months, I had crossed over the line from video game collector to video game hoarder, and it wasn't pretty. Shelf space was at 0%, but collecting hadn't stopped. As a result, games, consoles, controllers, cables, and whatever the hell else I came across was just stacking up, spilling out across any available horizontal plane. Oh yeah, and I started taking in stray cats.

Thankfully, a couple very gracious friends allowed me to piggyback onto their recent trip to Ikea, and I was able to snag some desperately needed shelving (more LACK floating shelves) and nudge the needle back into "collector" status.

After cleaning up a bit and finding a home for all of my most recent finds, it only seemed appropriate that I snap a few pictures of the game room. After all, it probably won't look this good again for quite some time.

But enough gabbin'. Enjoy the latest game room tour!

Find in the photo: Pirate Raft, Lunch Box, Book (ew.)

Dear Nintendo, please cool it with the console variations.
My shelving budget is out of control

I highly recommend picking up a sound bar for your flat screen.
It and the subwoofer (far left of the entertainment center) make a huge difference.

Another shelving nightmare: Neo Geo boxes.
There's supposed to be a divider through the middle of this cubical

HD Sony CRT. The only way to play your
old school consoles. Now on special for $0.50/lb.!
Controller family tree. Look for a full
review of this in an upcoming post


My NES collection, a Virtual Boy with 33% of the US releases, the creepy
Mario DS holder, some random GB Advance games in a black caddy, and
a Pikachu top whose original I can't remember.

Games I'm no longer any good at. I've gotten soft.

I've logged a lot of ass time on that couch. Thankfully, It's not comfortable enough
to encourage long visits. Also, enjoy the professionally photographed
NES pictures--they're of the same console sitting on the shelf!

Custom "Solid Smokes" canvas my wife had made for me.
Huh? Whose cigarettes are these?

More consoles--on display courtesy of fresh shelving.


I hope you enjoyed the updated room tour!

As you can see, I'm still just one good Craigslist score away from reverting back into full-on crazy cat lady mode. Which is really unfortunate, because I have some unhealthy MAME cabinet desires bubbling up and no desire to slow down on the game and console collecting.

Where's the Fancy Feast?


  1. This is the nicest setup for a console collector's game room that I've ever seen. Great job!
    I have some of the same Ikea lack shelves. On mine I display games and old game devices plus some other esoteric nerdy stuff.
    I like your collection too. Flipnic! P.N.03! Nice and varied tastes.

  2. I envy this more than you can imagine...