Thursday, October 20, 2011

What the Wednesday: Energize the Nova Suit!

Remember when I packed my TurboGrafx back into the box, and then promptly unpacked it in front of a camera?

Aside from the console, controller, and cords,  NEC was nice enough to throw a game into the mix. (Of course, in 1989 that was the norm.) However, the pack-in was Keith Courage in Alpha it really wasn't anything to brag about. And it definitely wasn't a system seller.

Check it out, bro! Keith Courage in Alpha Zones!

Keith who in what now?

For this week's What the Wednesday (don't be confused; I know it's Thursday), I'm giving you a closer look at the best reason to own Keith Courage: the cheesy comic book that came along with the game.

Click to enlarge, and prepare finally understand the dark origins of Keith Courage! who else feels painfully wounded?

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